Federation of Ethiopian National Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FENAPD)
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About Fenapd
few words about fenapd
Backgound of FENAPD

 1.  Background

In the world there are more than one billion people with disabilities. This is about 15% of the world population. The number of PWDs in some developing nations reaches 20% of the total population. In Ethiopia, data on disability is not adequately available. But according to the WHO (2011) estimation it reaches more than 17%. Accordingly, there are more than 14 million PWDs in Ethiopia. Disability is associated with aging in the developed nations, while it is a result of poverty and related issues, such as malnutrition, limited access to medical services, living in poor living conditions, infectious diseases, prenatal conditions, accidents, poor environmental sanitation, polluted water, family ignorance, communicable diseases, high prevalence of harmful traditional beliefs and practices.

 In most cases disability is perceived by the people as a Godly curse and PWDs are viewed as burdens to society, hence are denied even basic rights like access to education, health. Consequently, more than 95% of all persons with disabilities and their families in Ethiopia are living in extreme poverty (MOLSA, 2010).The public misunderstanding on the PWDs coupled with misconceptions on the causes lead PWDs to extreme marginalization, neglect and exclusion from every socioeconomic participation.

 To avert this public problem in the country, very few persons with disabilities, their families and friends come together and established some single disability focused organizations the 1960s. In 1996, these national associations come together and jointly established an umbrella cross disability network association currently named FENAPD to more intensify their efforts in more coordinated and collaborative way.

 FENAPD is a network of six single disability focused national associations. It was re-registered as an Ethiopian Residents network association on 30 February 2010 per the country’s law bearing the registration number 1511. The federation is operating in addressing the very severe disability problems and worst life situations of persons with disabilities in Ethiopia in more coordinated and collaborative manner.

 Its member national associations are: 

1) Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf (ENAD)

2) Ethiopian National Association of Persons Affected by Leprosy (ENAPAL)

3) Ethiopian National Association on Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (ENAID)

4) Ethiopian National Association of the Deaf-Blind (ENADB)

5) Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB) and

6) National Development Association of Persons with physical Disabilities.


2.  Vision: 

FENAPD aspires to see a disability inclusive socio economic environment in Ethiopia.

 3.  Mission:

FENAPD has been established to help PWDs in averting disability related problems and improve their lives. 

 4.  Objectives:

The objectives of FENAPD are to:

  • Enhance the public awareness on disability,
  •  Reduce the disability information gaps in the country,
  •  Enhance institutional capacities of DPOs and other stakeholders in addressing disability problems,
  • Build the capacities of persons with disabilities in improving their life situations,
  • Create linkage and alliances in addressing disability problems in Ethiopia,
  • Mobilize resources used to address disability problems in the country.

 5.  Organizational Structure and Sources of Support:

FENAPD has: 

1)  General assembly- that reviews the overall performance of the federation, elects members of the executive committee and endorses the strategic plan

2)  Executive committee that gives policy directions, overall guidance to the executive office, and approves the plan of operations and budgets of the organization

3)  Executing office that plans, coordinates, organizes and facilitates the implementation of activities of the federation. 

FENAPD has a well organized office, organizational policies & procedures, strategic plan, and implemented a number of successful projects with the support of ILO, Irish Aid, Threshold Association, World Bank, Action Aid, IDF, World Vision, CBM, British Embassy, FINDA, UNICEF, USAID and others during the last 15 years. 

 6.  Major intervention areas

 Capacity building,

 awareness raising,

  Inclusive education


 Economic empowerment

 Resource mobilization,

 Conducting & supporting researches on disability,

 Women, children & youth development

 Environmental protection

Federation of Ethiopian National Associations of Persons with Disabilities (FENAPD)

Tele. +251 11 1563003/ 155 50 86/ 1580820/ 1564458/ 1565158

fax: +251 11 155 74 81

email: efpd@ethionet.et, fenapd@gmail.com

Website: www.fenapd.org

P. O. Box: 18430

Semein hotel to Nigeria embassy in front of Ethio-Korea Veterans memorial park 


Addis Ababa

Press Advertisment
Registration No: 2003/027026/08; VAT No: 4810211211; NPO number: 036-523-NPO Directors: Ms Roseweter Mudarikwa (Chairperson), Ms Euphrasia Mbewe (Vice-Chairperson), Mr Jace Naire (Treasurer), Mr Kudakwashe Dube (CEO), Mr. Dagnachew Bogale Wakene, Ms Nomasonto Grace Mazibuko, Mr. Gessesse Tadesse, Ms Anne-Marie Robb, Mrs. Rachel Kachaje, Mr. Sansan Dah, Mr Anthony Zimba, Mr Goulou Moussa TRAORE, Ms. Kadidiatou Barry Date: 15 May, 2015 PRESS ADVERTISEMENT Background The Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) Regional Office in Addis Ababa formerly the Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disability (SADPD) aims to mainstream disability in the prevention and management of conflict in the context of African Union peace and security operations and the United Nations convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, for which close collaboration is established with the African Union peace and security department (MoU since June 2011), currently as a result of programme development and its intended wider scope of intervention, ADA regional office has planned to boost up DIPS project intensively along with the promotion of disability mainstreaming strategy across AU Commissions and regional economic communities. For the purpose, the organization is looking for a qualified DIPS Advisor in the specific area of interest. Position: DIPS Advisor – Mainstreaming Disability AU & RECs Location & Duration of Assignment: The place of work would be at ADA regional office in Addis Ababa for 35 hours per week beginning 15 May - December 31, 2015. General Objective: Provide advisory, technical & managerial support to ADA Regional office in the effective implementation of disability inclusive peace & security project and enhance disability mainstreaming across the African Union different departments and divisions, regional economic communities (RECs) and international development organizations. Among other things, the above work is expect to deliver achievements in disability mainstreaming on the intended targets with corresponding cooperation framework with ADA and mechanisms to ensure the sustainability of the project. ADA regional office encourages qualified professionals with university degree or masters in social science or relevant studies, having a minimum of ten years of work experience in the field of disability with specific expertise in disability inclusive peace and security, policy development and disability mainstreaming. Prior engagement with the African Union, regional economic communities and other continental & international organizations is an advantage. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply to the post. Interested applicants can submit their CV with supporting documents in hard or soft copy by using the following address, African Disability Alliance (ADA) Regional Office, P.O.Box 100574, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia or Email: ariam.gebremariam@gmail.com Tel: +27 12 754 1350, +27 12 754 1351 012 348 1840 / 012 348 9095 Fax: 27 12 348 8796 www.african-decade.co.za Africa Disability Alliance (Former Secretariat of the African Decade of Persons with Disabilities) P. O. Box 1201 Menlyn Centre, 0077 Block 5A, Sanwood Office Park 379 Queens Crescent Menlo Park, Pretoria South Africa
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